Mrs. Walpole Earns Adjunct Faculty of the Year

Mrs. Walpole Earns Adjunct Faculty of the Year
Posted on 05/28/2019
Mrs. Walpole and Vice President of CMC Tinker Duclo with Award

Bubbles filled with the vapor from dry ice happily bounced in the hands of Highland Elementary students at the end of the school year. The mesmerizing, haze-filled bubbles resembled a fortune-teller’s crystal ball and had the fifth graders excited about science, illustrating just one of the qualities that Highland Elementary teacher Julie Walpole has that makes her exceptional at her craft.


That same day, Colorado Mountain College recognized Julie for her exceptional work at the college level. This time it wasn’t with the eager smiles of students or the inquisitive questions of fifth graders. This time, it was with a plaque and the title of 2019 Colorado Mountain College college-wide Adjunct Faculty of the Year.


Julie teaches at Highland Elementary and instructs the budding potential, new teachers at CMC Rifle as part of the elementary education program. It is a program she has been passionate about since its inception.


“It truly is an honor,” explained Julie about the honor presented to her by CMC vice president and campus dean at CMC Rifle Tinker Duclo. “I think that when you find something that you truly enjoy doing, and you do it for the pure enjoyment of it, that’s when your passion shines through. It feels great when others see it too.”


Julie was part of helping CMC build the elementary education program providing input with a variety of other local educators. She is currently the lead mentor in the Garfield Re-2 School District for new teachers and mentors one to two new teacher candidates a year herself.


“I think (the award) reinforces that the CMC education program is doing the right thing. It is the students that write the nominations. It reinforces that the program is headed in the right direction and that what we are doing in Rifle is right for our students,” Julie explained.


She said that mentoring new teachers meld her experience as an elementary teacher, an academic coach, and a teacher of adults. It also, helps her fall in love with her passion all over again.


“As a veteran teacher, I’ve always enjoyed working with first and second-year teachers. When I had the opportunity to find the spark in young people that want to become teachers, it rejuvenates me and reminds me why I wanted to be a teacher.”